Regularized k-order Markov models in EDAs

Regularized k-order Markov models in EDAs” by R. Santana, H. Karshenas, C. Bielza, and P. Larrañaga. In Proceedings of the 2011 Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference GECCO-2011, (Dublin, Ireland), 2011, pp. 593-600.


k-order Markov models have been introduced to estimation of distribution algorithms (EDAs) to solve a particular class of optimization problems in which each variable depends on its previous k variables in a given, fixed order. In this paper we investigate the use of regularization as a way to approximate k-order Markov models when k is increased. The introduced regularized models are used to balance the complexity and accuracy of the k-order Markov models. We investigate the behavior of the EDAs in several instances of the hydrophobic-polar (HP) protein problem, a simplified protein folding model. Our preliminary results show that EDAs that use regularized approximations of the k-order Markov models offer a good compromise between complexity and efficiency, and could be an appropriate choice when the number of variables is increased.

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