Towards an intelligent genetic search: Defining measures of convergence

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“Towards an intelligent genetic search: Defining measures of convergence” by R. Santana. In Proceedings of the students sessions, ACAI'99, (Chania, Greece), 1999, pp. 41-42.


The approach we discuss here is in line with techniques that change or adapt the parameter values as the search progresses, nevertheless it exhibits two main differences with previous work on this topic. First, the analysis has been thought to be applied not only to genetic algorithms (GAs) but also to other Population Based Search Methods that use Selection (PBSMS). Second, adaptation is achieved by considering rules able to change the application of different operators along the search, and not only by adapting the parameters. For reasons of space we concentrate here in the question of defining measures that could allow to a PBSMS to receive a feedback about its own behavior, and use this information in the next step of the algorithm to improve the search.

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