A hybrid genetic algorithm for a Hamiltonian path problem

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“A hybrid genetic algorithm for a Hamiltonian path problem” by E. Ponce de León and R. Santana. Revista Investigación Operacional, vol. 20, no. 1, 1999, pp. 20-29, Universidad de la Habana.


This paper deals with Hável and Erdös conjecture that asserts that all bipartite graph formed with the middle levels of n-dimensional cube is Hamiltonian, when n is odd. This means that at least one Hamiltonian cycle should be found in the graph. We use a circular representation of the vertices of n-dimensional cube which makes it possible to introduce two group actions in order to reduce the problem to find out a Hamiltonian path in multi - level quotient graphs. We report on a hybrid genetic algorithm for the Hável and Erdös conjecture problem. We present interesting results which show that this GA approach gives optimal solutions in multi-level quotient graph. We use bitstring representation, an evolutionary fitness function, restricted edge crossover operator, intelligent mutation, seeding and adaptive mutation rate. Three Hamiltonian paths are constructed with this method.

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