MATEDA: A suite of EDA programs in Matlab

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MATEDA: A suite of EDA programs in Matlab” by R. Santana, C. Echegoyen, A. Mendiburu, C. Bielza, J. A. Lozano, P. Larrañaga, R. Armañanzas, and S. Shakya, Department of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. University of the Basque Country technical report EHU-KZAA-IK-2/09, Feb. 2009.


This paper describes MATEDA-2.0, a suite of programs in Matlab for estimation of distribution algorithms. The package allows the optimization of single and multi-objective problems with estimation of distribution algorithms (EDAs) based on undirected graphical models and Bayesian networks. The implementation is conceived for allowing the incorporation by the user of different combinations of selection, learning, sampling, and local search procedures. Other included methods allow the analysis of the structures learned by the probabilistic models, the visualization of particular features of these structures and the use of the probabilistic models as fitness modeling tools.

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